How to Publish Your Site

Steps to Publish

There are two ways to publish:

  1. Use the "Action Menu" along the top bar.
  2. Use of the publishing buttons on the "Publish" main menu item underneath "Content".



This is a complete 100% functional preview version of your website. Try out new things and check if they are working here before releasing it to the world.


This is the version of your website that everyone sees and is published to the world!

Types of Publishing

There are 4 different ways you can publish your website, with each achieving a different purpose:

Full Publish

This will publish all text, images, styles, templates and data file changes to your website.

Quick Publish

This will only publish static assets, such as images or stylesheets. Use this to quickly publish a change to an image.

Publish Experiments

Use this to publish A/B test experiments to your site. This will set any active experiments live and clean up any disabled experiments.

Remove Deleted Files

This should be run if you delete any files or set a page to "DRAFT" after it has been published.


  • Make changes to your website, then publish to the Preview version to check your changes before making them live
  • If you are only changing static assets such as images, then a Quick Publish is a faster way to publish your changes, but keep in mind no changes to text on pages will be published
  • If in doubt, click Full Publish and then check the progress using the Job Monitor
  • All publishing features are available in the Action Menu which means you can publish without leaving the page editor
  • Use the Remove Deleted Files function to unpublish files which have been deleted or have been flagged as DRAFT

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